Noble Families

There are seven ruling noble families, plus the Royal line of Traugott.

House Traugott – Royal Line
Magic Specialty: All
Power: Sense Illusion
House Colors: Bane’s colors – Black and Green

Hon Akh’faer (True Army of the Art) – Elven House
Magic Specialty: Enchantment
Power: Knowledge of the various enchantment about the city as well as spellplague knowledge, and city “folklore”.
House Colors: ??

House Olararorn (Natural Destruction) – Dwarven House
Magic Specialty: Transmutation
Power: Knowledge gained from this skill focuses on a person’s past from a legal perspective. Duels, crimes, and larger property deals are examples of this skill’s use.
House Colors: ??

House Bailey
Magic Specialty: Divination
Power: Detect Status/Destiny
House Colors: Blue and Silver

House Goffe
Magic Specialty: Conjuration
Power: Abrupt Jaunt
House Colors: Green and Purple

House Kirksten
Magic Specialty: Abjuration
Power: Save vs Magic
House Colors: Purple and Silver

House Prendergast
Magic Specialty: Evocation
Power: Long to Short Rest
House Colors: Red, Blue, and Gold

House Vesque
Magic Specialty: Necromancy
Power: Mimic Undeath
House Colors: Black and Gold

Noble Families

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