House Prendergast

House Prendergast holds the most land of any in the kingdom, even surpassing that of the Royal Line. Many of these lands were bought out during wartime and through debt collection. Known for being merciless and very competitive, members of this house are also known for being in perfect physical condition. This House also has yearly competitions to allow three citizens a chance to enter the house as a fully titled knight. As it is highly dangerous, often lethal, and requiring the most skilled of people, only the desperate or truly competitive join these events.

House Prendergast, the most exciting (read: chaotic) of the houses has experienced the most movement over the last 60 years. The ten Black Guns of House Prendergast are known as “The Blacklord’s Iron Fists” and deliver his justice city-wide on warrants from the Inquisition. They assisted in the purging of the Traitor Princess, bringing the House great notoriety.

Once a House devoid of faith, Prendergast has found acceptance for the military power of Loviatar among many who followed Duchess Marcella’s career. Duke Rafael’s leadership brought significant power and a reputation for quick and decisive action to the House.

Magic Specialty: Evocation
House Colours: Red, Gold, and Blue

[ Out of date Family Tree (features the ruling line of the house and player characters’ lineage, if any) ]

Player Characters:
Grathalas, Knight of Prendergast

Tempest, Director of the Inquisition, Baronete of Prendergast
Amarilis, Baronete of Prendergast
Giulia, Dame of Prendergast
Cipriano of Prendergast (officially deceased)

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House Prendergast

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