House Bailey

House Bailey presides over teaching the magics of divination. Most often training (or being) judges and lawyers, this house has been the eyes of the royal family since this city was reclaimed. Viscount Mandrake Bailey, heir to his house almost three hundred and fifteen years ago, foretold of his death, resurrection, second death, and eventual success of the reclamation of this city from Cyric’s clutches. Few have had such clarity since, but there are always rumors…

House Bailey has a demographic tendency towards large, clearly-delineated generations and relatively narrow generational gaps. They are somewhat insular and have a higher prevalence of arranged marriages than many of the other Houses. However, as their House’s Diviners remain powerful, clearly they’re doing something right.

Sixty years have only seen sharp rises and falls for this house. They remain unable to use their sight on themselves, yet more and more of the populace have flocked to the House for advice. Owning both temples of fortune and a few gambling houses, House Bailey has seen growth among its commoners and vassals.

Magic Specialty: Divination
House Colours: Blue and Silver

Family Tree (features the ruling line of the house and player characters’ lineage, if any)

Player Characters:
Lady Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey

Ainsley, Duchess of Bailey
Catriona, Countess of Bailey
Maisie, Baroness of Bailey
Dame Maxine of Bailey
Sir Garet, Blackguard of the Tyrant
Cecilia of Bailey
Sir Derwenn of Bailey
Hywel Bailey
Roscoe, Director of the Inquisition
Cormac, Baronet of Bailey
Maia, Baroness of Bailey

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House Bailey

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