Hon Akh'faer

Marchioness Arrn’ess (Stormbringer) Hon Akh’faer (True Army of the Art) was awarded with peerage for her competency at arms and eagerness to rid the city of Cyric’s hold. Marchioness Arrn’ess brought her entire martial family from Cormyr, risking exposure to the spell-plague, and was pivotal in the success in the re-taking of the city. Her peerage extends to all family members, a most generous gift from House Traugott.

The past sixty years have left this house almost entirely untouched… Publicly. For those focused on the elf house (or were old enough to remember), there was a time that small dark stars would appear around their eyes. No more. Their magic is stronger than ever; they still have no Duchy within their ranks, but this does not appear to discourage using their powerful magics for Bane.

Short of some of the peasantry, House Hon Akh’faer are the most likely to have Drow slaves.

Magic Specialty: Enchantment
Skill: Knowledge of the various enchantment about the city as well as spellplague knowledge, and city “folklore”.

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Hon Akh'faer

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