Tag: knight


  • Maxine

    *Family:* Mother: Cecilia, half-orc of House Kirksten Father: Unknown Step-Father: Sir Derwenn of House Bailey Step-Brother: Garet, Blackguard of the Tyrant Grandfather: Maxamillian of House Prendergast Grandmother: Yvonne of House Kirksten * …

  • Giulia, Dame of Prendergast

    An up-and-coming hotshot of House Prendergast, Dame Giulia is a red dragonborn who excels with a pair of pistols. She is closely allied with [[:amarilis-baronete-of-prendergast | Baronete Amarilis]].

  • Grathalas of Predergast

    The only explanation for why Grathalas' eyes look so strange is that he must have been born outside the city, wherever that is. Maybe he's from village of Thay that sometimes sends us people? Or maybe it's just some Elf magic that went wrong, or right... …