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  • Maxine

    *Family:* Mother: Cecilia, half-orc of House Kirksten Father: Unknown Step-Father: Sir Derwenn of House Bailey Step-Brother: Garet, Blackguard of the Tyrant Grandfather: Maxamillian of House Prendergast Grandmother: Yvonne of House Kirksten * …

  • Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey

    A baroness of a side-branch of the Bailey tree, Lady Tegwen is probably best-known in her House for her work with the vassals and commoners - adjudicating disputes, providing advice on omens and auspices, naming babies, etc. Physically, she is very …

  • Derwenn, Knight of Bailey

    A widower and single father to his son Garet, Derwenn remarried 16 years ago to Cecilia of Kirksten, adopting Cecilia's daughter Maxine as a result. Their marriage was the subject of local gossip for some time.

  • Cecilia of Bailey

    Born to Maxamillian of Prendergast and Yvonne of Kirksten, Cecilia married at a young age, and later had a daughter, Maxine. Six years after the death of her first husband, she remarried Sir Derwenn, and moved her family to House Bailey.

  • Catriona, Countess of Bailey

    The younger sister of the late Duke Drusus. While she is a "desk Bailey", she is nevertheless very physically fit, and spends much of her free time maintaining her body as well as her mind. She is the main event planner for the House, setting up dinner …