Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey

A very curious Baroness of Bailey


A baroness of a side-branch of the Bailey tree, Lady Tegwen is probably best-known in her House for her work with the vassals and commoners – adjudicating disputes, providing advice on omens and auspices, naming babies, etc.

Physically, she is very typical of her line – short and well-fed, with curly red hair that’s usually carelessly tied back, fair skin, and piercing blue eyes. She is unusual only in her tendency to remain focused on the physical world around her, rather than the more typical Bailey habit of seeming somewhat distracted. She generally wears glasses, but about half the time they’re found perched on top of her head, rather than in front of her eyes.

Of late, she’s been developing a reputation for knowing all the best pastry-shops in town.

Her elder sister is Lady Maisie Bailey; her parents are High Countess Seren Bailey and High Earl (formerly Baronet) Cadfael Bailey.

Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey

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