Half-orc Moon Druid with Insomnia


While in humanoid form:

  • 5 feet 6 inches tall, light of build, sinewy
  • Long, black hair with dark red highlights, usually tied back, or, as more formal occasions require, up in an elaborate series of braids
  • Olive skin, usually sun-tanned
  • Missing one half of her left ear
  • Violet eyes


  • As her default animal form, Maxine likes to shift into the form of a grey cat with silver eyes.
  • The party has also seen Maxine transform into an orb weaver spider.

Mother: Cecilia, half-orc of House Kirksten
Father: Unknown
Step-Father: Sir Derwenn of House Bailey
Step-Brother: Garet, Blackguard of the Tyrant
Grandfather: Maxamillian of House Prendergast
Grandmother: Yvonne of House Kirksten

Half-orc Moon Druid
Age: 22
Inheritor background (Golden Harper Coin)
Deity: Undecided (formerly Malar)

Personal Quirks:

  • Keeps a raven familiar named Carrion
  • Has periodic insomnia, followed by persistent, repeating nightmares

Early Childhood:

  • Maxine grew up on her grandfather Maxamillian’s tales of adventure and war.
  • Trained in herbalism & basic druidic magic by her mother & grandmother.
  • Moved to House Bailey at the age of 6, when her mother remarried.


  • Started training among the druids of Malar, after being handed over to them by her step-father when she came of age.
  • Maxine was a rising star among the Malarites, displaying aptitude both for spell-casting and shape-shifting.
  • At the age of 20, was put in charge of her first hunt. The prey: a heretic half-elf caught with a strange pin with a harp and crescent moon. Maxine chased the half-elf down and killed him.
  • After her coming of good moment, described below, Maxine dropped out of hunting with the Malarites, a fate which would have gotten her ripped apart, had not some other entity stepped in and bought up her debt.
  • While good-aligned, Maxine is now deeply in debt with this other entity, and, while not in fear of her life any longer, most of her time and resources are not her own, as she is effectively an indentured servant, and has been for the past two years since her transformation.

Coming of Good Moment:
After returning to her grandfather’s to tell him of her hunt, Max knocked her out with his war hammer, threw her into a wagon, and marched her for several days across the plains until reaching the orc encampments outside the city. He then threatened to disown her, unless she changed her ways, telling her “If you think that honor and glory are to be found in chasing down prey for the city dogs, then you are no granddaughter of mine. You deserve to die nameless, the wasted meat shaken from someone’s blade in the night, with none to mourn your passing.”

Chastened by her grandfather’s words, Maxine would have run for home then and there, had Max not brought along a certain Tiefling to help him. This mysterious tiefling tossed Maxine a coin, stamped with the same symbol as the half-elf heretic’s pin. As he gave her the coin, the tiefling made the offer: “If you want to flip the coin, then join us, and learn how to fight with honor.”

Realizing her egregious error, Maxine joined her grandfather in his fight against the orcs, participating in a long and bloody battle that ultimately resulted in the defeat of the orc chieftain, though her grandfather was mortally wounded during the fight. With the tiefling’s help, she built a funeral pyre for Max, and bid him farewell on his journey to the afterlife, vowing to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish, which was to learn what is truly important to fight for, and to fight on the right side when the time comes.

Before leaving her to her thoughts, the tiefling gave Maxine a final bit of advice, namely that she killed a Harper, one of Max’s friends, and that there are more in the city, in need of protection. He told her that she will never know who they are, and they will never tell her openly, but that any in need are deserving of her protection.

Animals, especially ravens, cats, and birds of prey
Growing plants
Being alone

Eating meat, except during the full moon
Dreaming while asleep
Large gatherings & social functions


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