Hound Archon, accidental tourist.


Hawthorn is a hound archon who was summoned to the City in an attempt to “utilize” the anti-fiend properties of his holy relic for nefarious purposes. He fought his way free, using Dimension Door to sneak into the peasant quarter in House Kirksten, but unfortunately had to leave his relic behind.

Armand sought the party’s assistance in moving the hound archon out of the peasant quarter before he caught too much attention. The party banded together to do this, ultimately conveying Hawthorn out of the city, invisible, disguised in a “meat wagon”. From there, he was able to utilize a blessed coin of Tymora to escape back to Mt. Celestia.

Charged with retrieving the holy relic before it could be corrupted, the party performed some subertfuge, divination, and ultimately a harrowing sewer dive in order to find the artifact and bring it back to the surface. The relic is temporarily housed at the Crimson Petal, until such time as Hawthorn can be contacted safely.

Maxine gave Hawthorn his name during their first meeting, because “hawthorn trees have thorns and berries, and birds love them.”



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