The Dark Sun: Falling Star

A Series of One Act Plays

Episode 1: Savith Meets the Shadow Baron

Savith met with the Shadow Baron, Fabian of Vesque, who told him that his patron was a secondary choice in the City, since she tended to cheat. He may or may not have offered Savith a different choice of patrons. It was hear or see the truth with the seven shadows whispering away in the background, before coming together to form his cloak as he left.

Episode 2: Maxine Enjoys the Garden

Maxine was peacefully enjoying the gardens of Bailey, only slightly bothered by the slight imbalance, when she was suddenly ambushed by Kirksten! Specifically a Baronet! Even more specifically Baronet Armand, who used his keenly-edged vivacity to try to get at what she thought of Tegwen’s justice, which he hinted was quite atypical. Maxine said the whole thing was a plant, for 30 minutes, until she had defeated the evil Baronet. Well, almost, anyway. Technically, she had to run away from the encounter as a spider when he made her agree to arbitrate some peasant problems.

Episode 3: In Which a Bear’s Paw is Almost Eaten

Tegwen was also ambushed by Baronet Armand. He had destroyed the three carefully written edicts of Tegwen’s case, claiming it was a favor. He emphasized that Bailey offered a different kind of justice that he liked because it kept his friends alive. He had trouble leaving the room, as he had not finished his bear paw.

Episode 3.5: Tegwen and Maxine meet the Rune and Cormack

Rune and Cormack are Tegwen’s grandparents. The woman had hurried there and was still in armor. She had cleared out an exceptional number of mines. She offered to have Maxine meet the woman who kept the garden full of poisonous plants, and offered her the freedom to come back anytime to the grounds—but not the house, without permission. They offered pastries to go, and Maxine took raspberry, and Tegwen took apricot? Or perhaps it was chocolate.

Episode 4: Mommy Dearest

Evelyn visited her mom, who is an illusionist human. She found out some things about elves and dragon eggs, suggesting the elves use the dragon eggs to suppress wild magic. They also talked of Daddy Dearest, eyes with stars, and eyes without. They talked of the Crimson Petal, and how it was really starting to take off. Tegwen took some stuff from evidence.

Episode 5: Eel Spiders or Spider Eels? What’s an eel? Is it like a shark?

Tegwen, Maxine, and Evelyn went off on an adventure in BaileyWorld. Tegwen was going to check up on her lands. Maxine was her attendant. Oh yeah, and some Traugot had either butted in, or decided that Tegwen would go check up on her lands because she was going to go and damned if she would go alone. They made it through the City Gate, although they only succeeded in downing one guard, who foolishly asked questions of a Traugot. The Traugot used her best weapon (another guard) to do the deed.

Then she moved on to bigger things—cows. Technically bigger than guards, many cows were scared by Evelyn before being comforted by Maxine. They found lots of cheese, and saw a countess’ estate that used many gond inventions. Then they met the spiders-eels using the device Tegwen had. The spiders came burrowing through the earth at a great rate, led by umber hulks. They traded Tegwen’s tomes for schematics. They traded Evelyn’s illicit and licit goods for a thing that could detect magic. As I’m writing this, this seems rather lame for a magic item. So maybe my memory stinks. You write this next time.

The eel-spiders/spider-eels babbled about sun death (again) and wanted to charge Maxine for looking at them, although Evelyn did not charge them for looking at her, and she was an evolved human. One eel-spider traded and another looked grimly on. It was totally Miriam and Talvin, but maybe that was just in my head. They weren’t interested in cheese.

Episode 6: Savith Fights Some Gladiators

Approaching the weak, he suggested he can help them. He takes two through the back of the Crimson Petal, takes them to the secret room, ties one up, and necrotizes the other. Gladiator One Hulks Out and stabs him with a chair leg. Savith kills him. The souls don’t move on right away, and Graz’zt comes out to seduce Savith. For two souls, Savith is given the power to see in the dark. Graz’zt returns to the box, imprisoned within a house of lust. Savith carts the bodies away and dumps them on a nearby corner. The guards fail their duty. He repairs the chair, cleans up the blood stains, and does his best to cover the scent, although it’s unclear if that last part worked.

Episode 6.5: Tofi of Goffe

Savith (undisguised) goes with Florin (full armor, different weapon) and they murder Tofi of Goffe, who has been literally crying in his room for three days according to an inquisition report. He is seen by two agents that the Inquisition had watching Tofi. This supposedly brings to a close the debt that Savith owes his patron for his power.

Episode 7: A Howling Good Time

Hugo and Matias talk. Matias seems to suggest that Hugo start looking within the Inquisition for his next targets. Some within the Inquisition are trying to figure out how to use the prisoner against Hugo. Matias also tells Hugo to summon Nadya and take command, if she will join the Inquisition. They talk of the Hunt, and Hugo tells Matias that he is waiting for recompense to release the staff. Then they go out to a restaurant where they have a howling good time.

Episode 7.5: Beautiful, Crazy Girl

Hugo returns to his house the next day to find it temporarily in control of Rika, who has not lost Hugo’s number nor forgotten how to press his buttons. Nevertheless, with the help of a servant, a well-timed spell, and LOTS of repressed feelings (and possibly some missing memories), and at the cost of the posts on his bed, he manages to distract her with conversation on the Eel-spiders while eating orange chicken. There was a lull in conversation after dinner when they had gathered in the kitchen, where Rika had cast off Hugo’s dead wife’s clothes and stood there naked for 30 minutes while a servant got her new clothes. Liking his sanity and his power and lack of entanglements, Hugo tried his best to make conversation, though its unclear just how awkward it was—merely extremely awkward or totally, unbelievably awkward.

Episode 8: Next Time

Will Ned live happily ever after with Chuck? Will Emerson reconcile with his daughter? Will Olive ever get over Ned? How can she when she serves pie in his restaurant? Would we want her too? She has a great voice. Are Lily and Vivian the best or just the craziest aunts ever? What purpose does Chuck’s father serve in the plot? It seems like he doesn’t add anything. Did the writers think it through? Also, best cover of Birdhouse in Your Soul, ever.

Oh wait, that wasn’t last session. Did I miss anything? When there’s no combat, a lot sure goes on.

What have I gotten myself into?

(this is Savith’s cold, clinical analysis of events – not my own, enjoy!)

What have I gotten myself into? This latest adventure with this deviant group of nobles from the City hasn’t brought me this close to death since the day I killed Faulkas himself. Everything was going according to plan until we obtained Rhyarr from his captors. We took him back to the meadow and that night was fairly uneventful. Maxine did successfully acquire bat guano for me without even asking for anything in exchange; instead, she merely suggested I compensate the Naiad for accessing her cave system – a trifling debt I took care of when we left. I wonder how far I can push Maxine’s generous nature…

However, in the morning, my initial hopes that Rhyarr’s wealth of knowledge would aid me in cracking my associates narrow-minded views of the world quickly became all too real. Rather than inspiring controlled self-reflection he seems to have stolen their senses completely! Like children happening upon a bag of sweets, they indulged in every frivolous pleasure under the sky, all in spite of the fact that the Malarites we had defeated were undoubtedly hunting us. For worshipers of Bane and his pantheon, they acted like they’ve never lived a hard day in their life. I awoke to discover Maxine and Evelyn gallivanting into the trees like some Thayan teenagers who’d escaped their chaperone’s notice while Tegwen and Hugo had started a fire, despite which, he had the gall to call down lightning from the sky to cook his bacon! Why the elf-kin would bother to protect such a group of witless morons is beyond me. After having enough sense to put out the fire myself I stared in disbelief of my associates lack of any self-control. In hindsight, perhaps dedicating the meadow to a god of peace was a mistake – I will take more care in the future.

Eventually, the nobles’ morning banter turned into serious discussion of how to deal with Rhyarr. Tensions rose when Rhyarr performed some sort of spell on Hugo. The Malarite appeared visibly shaken. I remain curious as to what effect Rhyarr had on the young director. After some debate, it was eventually decided that Rhyarr would bear the mantle of Loviatar in order for him to withstand the interrogation upon re entering the City as Hugo prisoner where would remain Hugo’s charge for an indeterminate amount of time. Rhyarr, in an unexpected move also bestowed upon us a gift: he allowed each of us three questions written on parchment that, in time, when we returned to the meadow, we could read his answers – a clever ploy to grant us information without endangering us during any investigation on our activities upon returning to the City. Should Alistair be more forthcoming with the ways in which individuals may leave and return to the City undetected, I might be in the best position to retrieve the documents. I wonder if I would learn anything of interest by reading my associates parchments?

Despite, or perhaps because of, Rhyarr’s clever machinations chaos returned to our party. Upon taking upon himself the mantle of Loviatar he immediately sought to be tortured for the glory of the mistress. Being the captive of the director, Hugo was his obvious target; however, the fool Malarite could not distinguish Rhyarr’s exercise in faith from an obstinate insult to the man’s rank. Unable to see into the deeper meaning behind Rhyarr’s action, Hugo’s rage nearly killed himself and his captive. Only by a timely intervention by Tegwen and myself did the two not kill one another. Tegwen noticed my hesitation in sparing Hugo’s life though she said nothing of it – would she object to the sudden demise of the director? Little do they know that his fate has rested in my hands twice now. I wonder how he will fair in a third encounter?

The return to the City was fortunately uneventful. This venture outside the City, which I had hoped would bond this group of deviants together did not quite go as I had expected. Maxine has continued to show a sense of compassion for the rest of the group, interesting that they do not see it for the heresy that it is or at the very least do not react to it. Tegwen and Evelyn continue to play their cards close to the chest, though Evelyn appeared quite interested in the Naiad and elf-kin. Hugo remains obstinate, preferring to stick to his misshapen ideals rather than see the world around him for what it really is. This venture has by no means been an easy trial for me to overcome but if I am ever to break free of my bonds I must continue to work with these people. They are valuable allies and if used well will make my actions all the more impactful. For now I think it best if I distance myself for a few tendays. Allow the chaos of this venture to settle and in time I intend to return to the meadow for Rhyarr’s answers. Despite it all, I look forward to reuniting with the party when things have cooled down. The sound of the honest joyful laughter was refreshing. It reminds me of him…

Werewolves versus Dragonborn

Last session, I took stellar notes.

That is, I have a bunch of points, they don’t connect, and I really can’t create a cohesive picture out of them. What follows is a little stream of consciousness and was definitely written after 11 on a long day, two months after our last session.

We reached the party of dragonborn before the werewolves. Maxine used hide without trace to disguise us, and Hugo made it rain to make us clean. Hugo approached the dragonborn and parleyed. He was being shiny, though he would think that he was hunting the truth in the most direct way.

The dragonborn were led by Nadia, along with 2 fighters and 2 magic users. Nadia was formal and introduced herself as Nadia, First-born of the Fireblooded, Ordained of the Field Tyrant. Luckily, Hugo also had a long and impressive title. Nadia had Prendergast tattoos, but did not appear as a vassal. She was very respectful of Hugo. At that point, the werewolves moved forward. Hugo warned them away, but they mocked him and attacked. There were three of them, led by a werewolf druid with incredible regenerative power. Nadia was a protection-style fighter and shielded Hugo. During the fight, Nadia asked who they should focus on and Hugo replied the leader.

About six rounds and five hours later, the werewolves fled, with Savith’s spell that denied healing playing a critical role in this.

The egg had lifeforce in it. Nadia was taking it to Prendergast. The elves funded it and apparently she was taking it from some elves to some others? I also wrote down “half-breeds” but I don’t know what I was trying to say. Nadia called herself the last relic of the old king Sebastian. She was aware that she could be betrayed, but was stoic about it. She was happy to turn the prisoner over to the inquisition.

All in all, Hugo quite liked her—respectful, competent, and aware of what she had to do without blinders.

Oh yes, and JT talked to the prisoner using message. It’s a great trick. I miss Miriam’s dinner conversations where no one actually said anything aloud, but just whispered into their hand. I did not take notes on that conversation and don’t remember it, because Savith was being secretive and I was focusing on being shiny.

The prisoner followed the party without being forced to and was quite talkative and judgemental. He had some religious tattoos on him, which were pretty important except I didn’t write them down. His tail is thinner and his eyes were silver. I drew a little house with “Ilmater” written inside. I have no idea what this means. I also put “try harder” in quotes, so it should actually be written as “”try harder”” here, but I don’t think that’s particularly relevant. He might be called Minister Riar. I believe he called me a false cleric and almost everyone else faithless.

Later on, as we were wagging our mamas (That sounds weird. I don’t know if I want to hang out with you anymore if we’re going to be doing that). We decided that Hugo talked to each one of you individually, far away from the prisoner to tell you the conversation so that everyone is up to date on the way back to the Peace Pond.

I wrote down that we have 1 group dice, and that I want to find out about Riar and the Mighty Stick of Un-Doom I stole from the werewolf leader. This was very critical to you, I know.

If you have more details because you took good notes, please add them.

The Tale of Mighty Tegwen

Sit down, Little One. Your running does make an old man dizzy and fear for the cooking. Be still and listen, and I will tell you the tale you seek, the tale of “Mighty Tegwen and the Band of Thieves.”

Tegwen grew up in the legendary House Bailey. As a proud scion of that house, she honed a mind that thirsted for more. She slaked that desire often from the pool of secret and forbidden knowledge.

One day, she decided to bring her new friend, Maxine of Many Forms, to visit her Grandmother in the country. She sought assurances from the local lord, that her travel across his lands would be restful. Well, the lord assured her that she had nothing to fear, and so she cast her tent upon a hill, prepared for a peaceful night where she could divine the future from the stars.

But the local lord was wicked and did not care for his lands. Thieves hid among the countryside and they did attack with no warning. Then Mighty Tegwen did rise and warn them not to come further.

The Thieves rubbed their hands with glee, dreaming of riches. Forward they attacked, until one met his fate by stumbling into the Drop Wolf that she had prepared.

Again did Mighty Tegwen did beg them to leave— for their own survival, warning them of who she was. To prove her lineage, she called to the elements and the lightning answered, crackling at the feet of her foes.

Again the Thieves, lost in pride and greed, did ignore their common sense and attacked, collapsing the tent and ruining many good pastries.

Then Mighty Tegwen did rage about, casting lightning upon their heels, wreaking havoc and blackening many spots upon the earth. At last the thieves did recognize their folly, begging for their survival so that they might have the honor of tithing to her.

Undecided, Mighty Tegwen swayed back and forth, the arrow of indecision clutching close to her heart.

Finally, she let them yield, returning to her ruined tent. She did summon her mystical servants, but even they could not rescue all of the pastries. Mighty as she was, she could not determine which were raspberry and which were blood.

Many think the tale ends here. It does, but the discussion does not. Did she receive her tribute? Why was Mighty Tegwen able to master the elements and banish the Thieves, but was helpless to sort through her smashed pastries? Would the ground, blackened from the lightning, ever grow again, or would her fury make that area barren forever? What exactly is a Drop Wolf? Can a Drop Wolf jump? Is it just an allegory, and if so, for what?

Legends hint of a time, when the Heroic Hugo and the Dastardly Black Wizard did travel together, led by the Trickster who had taken the guise of a common huntsman. Long did they talk, and much wine did they consume. Heroic Hugo loquaciously did go on about this possibility and that about what they might face on their travels. The Trickster, secure in his guise, did bandy about the possibilities. At one point, Heroic Hugo bid the Dastardly Black Wizard speak with a word of power. And so he did, talking about cults and dracoliches and many things from legend, though the word was not powerful enough to affect one so ensorcelled in the dark arts.

They did stay that night in the house of a landowner and merrily did they pass the night. Miraculously no one was killed and no marriage vows were broken.

They did then meet with Mighty Tegwen and Maxine of Many Forms, where they did tell their tales and decide to journey forth into the Forbidden Forest of Prendergast.
They soon met with a protector of that forest and metallic dragonling who wished to steal their trinkets. While most were fooled into following the gaze of the shiny dragonling, the Dastardly Black Wizard did find their companion to talk to.

Maxine of Many Forms did lead them to a glade, where she laid a peaceful wreath upon the water and a Naiad did ascend. The Trickster lulled it beneath the waters with her lilting flute
and the glade was theirs for that night.

A second protector was discovered, and one who was more open to conversation. The Trickster did find out more about her parents, while the Dastardly Black Wizard did find that his secret pact would not be held as a complete secret.

Well, the glade was playing tricks with Heroic Hugo. One time did he walk around the edge, discovering no footprints, and three times did he walk around the pond followed by Mighty Tegwen. Blessed with True Happiness and Peace for six months, tonight troubles would dog him while he stayed within this circle.

Speaking of dogs, Maxine of Many Forms had stayed as a Dire Wolf, when she slept. After only a few short hours, she awoke to find herself still a wolf. Feeling the grass upon her paws, she woke the Trickster where they played, their joyousness and purity troubling the dreams of our Hero even further.

The next day, they did hide their stuff with cunning. The horses stayed with the Forest Protector and the Naiad, and they bribed a rabbit with a goodberry, laying it gently by the pond to sleep off its human sized meal.

Then they did track their prey, finding the dragonmen at last. But that was not all. A pack of werewolves did follow. Snap did the neck go of the Bird of Many Forms and Adieu did our players say that night. For onto bigger and better things were they next time, entitled “When Friends Ignore Your Good Advice.”

The Bakery Crawl: Both Deadly and Fattening
Malar Is Good.

“If it’s not complicated, it’s not worth doing.”
- Old Traugott Saying

A mere 24 hours after the last meeting, our intrepid heroes once more met within the confines of the newly-constructed (but not yet finished) The Tenth Level Earthquake with Falling Plum/Cherry Petals for Howling Druids.

They looked at the artifact that they had recovered and said a collective “eh, what do we do with that?” There were six different languages on the horn, and all of them said, “Don’t use. Don’t destroy. Keep hidden,” except for the one in demonic that said “USE ME”.

When confronted with the impossible, there was no other thing to do but ignore it.

Well, the party thought about this (investigating a user of the mystical Blue Flame) and the party thought about that (how expensive IS a dragon omelette?). The tricky druid and the hungry mage had investigated in one of the most dangerous sections of town where the mysterious stranger lived with her mysterious man. There were all sorts of crazy and wacky impediments, like magical shielding that made spells go POOF, an air spirit on the lawn, two visible mercenary guards, a magical ward throughout the house, and two murderhoods who were invisible, even to anti-invisibility measures (and nobody knows whose side they’re on!).

The tricky druid became a itsy-bitsy spider and investigated the four story house. She did not fall down the waterspout. The first three floor rooms that she investigated had nothing notable visible. Atop the house was a bedroom in which the mysterious woman and mysterious man were talking. He wanted to go out for a night on the town at the Goffes. They were holding a party. She was like, “Nuh-uh, but whatever.” The spider left a glyph for them in the universal language of arachnid and left. The mysterious woman didn’t even look up from her book.

Maxine told the group to let her mysterious woman go. Not to silverymoon (which is a terrible place) but somewhere nicer. She was ignored except for a flurry of eyebrows.
The Evil-Bad Guy Necromancer found out some small things about Randolph the Blackguard. He done got himself whipped (at the temple to the Goddess who digs her dog).

The Awesomest Character of them All found out slightly less, but managed not to have a duel called on him by spilling beer on someone important. Malar Is Smooth.

The party hemmed and hawed, until finally, they realized they weren’t in a seamstress guild or the rodeo and decided to go for the omelette.

Meanwhile, in an earlier scene, the benevolent and wise ‘Quis (as he likes to be known) had done all the hard work of talking with the help, gave her instructions on how to pour whisky into a glass, and rearranged the bar. Malar Knows Drinks. The Druid tagged along and finished the job. Good wolfy.

Hunky Hugo meanwhile went back to the Magical Building of Truthiness and prepared the things to go on a hunt. Malar Is Prepared. He found out a bunch of stuff on Randolph too. Malar Is Wise.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Hunt Begins! Tune in next time to see the adventure “Everybody Dies Except Cyric (Or Maybe He’s Just Lying About Not Dying)”.

A Rough Day for a Knight
Another day in the life...

Life is already a huge pain in the arse.

I work a night shift; thankfully, I convinced another to take the first half of my shift. I heard rumour of an auction I could ditch the damned paperwork through as well as, perhaps, gain a few useful items.

First meal was, dreadful. This is no surprise. The servants are more and more distracted as of late, but I do not have the time to discipline them properly. Too many things to do. All politeness, I dismiss them with an order to ensure the home is secure and safe. Still curious about the recent awakening, but she isn’t a prisoner… if she wants to wander, she will. Her duress though is, new. Perhaps I can force someone to take a shift and I’ll look into it myself.

Of course, I have to ensure the hell hound is fed. While loyal, it is a task I cannot trust the two with. Now, with a few free hours, I SHOULD, perhaps, get up to the investigation but I have no real leads. I also need something for status, so to the auction.

I come across a minor crime; it is handled swiftly enough, paperwork and all. Still, a delay that causes me to be late to the auction, but I was not going to ignore it. Nice and clean too. He was offered the standard fee for his corpse, to support his family, in the very likely outcome that he doesn’t make it through the system alive.

The auction held such opportunity. Too many people that knew me, too many items to buy, and a limited amount of patience and currency. While I am sure the treatise will fetch a reasonable price, I need to ensure I have enough to secure some future investments… as well as some past ones.

The stones were, fascinating. Versatile and damned amusing. I kept envisioning how they would be useful during patrol… I pray to Malar that someone flees the scene soon. Ohhh, the sound will be amazing.

Of course SHE arrived too. She must have heard I took half a night and decided to demonstrate her tyranny over me. I despise her; we all do though. She is powerful though, strong, and can dress the part when she wishes to. None of the crew is going to believe she can dress the lady.

She ruined the entire evening though. She took the rods, she humiliated me in the midst of the auction, and threatened to dock my pay. Someday her time will run out and she’ll be torn to shreds.

It took forever for the treatise to be sold, and not to who I thought would buy it. Doesn’t bother me any. I don’t care where it goes… sorta. Not sure how to handle that really, but not much I can do about it now. I am sure it will play out fine. If need be, I’ll go primal perhaps? I can give all this up, right? The Grand Inquisitor is a good man, but… yeah, maybe running with the pack is the best bet. Least I’ll die on my terms.

More chatter, small talk, pointless circular babble then pick up my shift. The odd Bailey Baroness was near my home. I really hate the Bailey’s; that isn’t right, I don’t hate them much more than anyone else I guess, but they are odd and creepy. She was just staring off and, I hear, talking her her familiar or bird or something.

Aaaaaaand, I’m ruined! The scroll is gone! My home was broken in while my servants slept and used my home as a damned whorehouse!! I’ll have to talk to the damned ambassador of Thay, explain myself, and … NOTHING goes right for long. WHY!? Who do I make pay for this?

Least its gone. Maybe the library has something….

She wouldn't be a Traugott if she didn't threaten to kill us...

In an unusual and highly efficient maneuver, our intrepid heroes came together to share the intel they had gained on Sir Florin, revealing a large number of interesting details: Florin is reported to have a favor owed him by a dragon, owns a hellhound, and seems to have the good will of several houses and factions, and the ill will of several more.

Florin was revealed to be a creature of habit, performing a nightly patrol which took him in a wide route around House Vesque. Still in need of several critical details such as where Florin lived, the team split up: Evelyn and Maxine’s raven performed a night-time stake-out, running into Florin and his hellhound in the street. The following day, Hugo and Maxine, now in the form of a dire wolf, tracked the hellhound to its residence, where a few more interesting details were revealed: Florin’s recent rise in wealth and status was apparently enough for him to afford a fortress-style dwelling with an imposing wooden front door hung with a silver door knocker in the shape of the Beast of Malar.

Our heroes met again to review intel and formulate a plan. However, no sooner had they laid these cards on the table did mutual mistrust and petty grievances set in. Chief among these issues was the question of why this would-be team should even bother working together. It took several heart-to hearts among the party and a visit from a grumpy but honest imp (their new employer’s familiar) to get hackles lowered and the team ready to progress once more.

The First Meeting
Year 310 of the Tyrant Lord, Month 3, Day 2

From the viewpoint of Director Hugo, Baron of Kirksten.

I was invited by Lady Evelyn, Baroness of Traugott to a dinner at The River Styx in House Traugott. I could not refuse such an honor. The only inconvenience was the hour’s notice, when I had eaten a light dinner an hour ago at my desk.

Two other guests were there when I arrived. They were Lady Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey, who appeared to be extremely grounded for a Bailey, and Ambassador Savith, who appears to have much confidence in his station and protectors.

Arriving on Traugott time were Dame Maxine, Knight of Bailey, and the Lady Evelyn. They entered together, although the Dame had been standing outside the door for some time. She appeared skittish for much of the night and appeared to mistake my pleasantries for something else. Others responded to my Inquisitor’s uniform throughout the night, as is proper.

The steak was cooked impeccably, although not to everyone’s taste. The Dame hardly touched hers. During the second course, another round of wine was served— and so were we. The servants were dismissed and we were told that we all had something in common. Lady Evelyn made some remarks about my Lady Freida’s trial and my armor having some holes in it. I don’t think that any of the others understood the comment. She spoke with Lady Tegwen about visions, but I could not get any meaning. She spoke to the Ambassador about how the unknown can be dangerous. The gist of it was an unknown magic, which I assume must be unusual. For Dame Maxine, the Lady just raised an eyebrow, and a raven appeared on the Dame’s shoulder, though that was her skittishness speaking. For all the implied familiarity, the Dame did not appear to be comfortable in the presence of Lady Evelyn.

Our hostess opened a letter, then showed us. It read that Sir Florin of Vesque was a possessor of demonic materials and with an unforgiveable debt of 5,000 gold. Obviously, it would have been difficult for a knight to have acquired such a debt, but it appeared to be the more relevant of the two charges. There was a symbol at the bottom of the page that I did not recognize. Our benefactor wanted us to deal with him outside of official channels.

At that point, something went wrong, as it often does around a Bailey. Darkness covered three of the murderholes built into the walls and someone tripped. I sent Malar’s Welcoming Claw through one of them, taking out a piece of the masonry. The darkness was not a shadow, as I had originally thought, but instead magical darkness, and I believe that I missed.

To my surprise, Lady Evelyn did not appear panicked, so I did not follow up with my lesson to the spy, but instead followed the Lady. I did not see the spy, a female who spoke drow, but my assumption was that they were working together, although neither the Baroness or the spy thought it proper that they join us openly at the table.

The instincts of my companions were interesting. The Ambassador went into a defensive position in the corner, guarding against the intruder and all of us. The druid turned into a spider and hid under the table. Lady Tegwen sat serene through it all. Not one of them made any apparent effort to apprehend the intruder. I say “apparent” because you can never tell around a Bailey.

The Ambassador shared information about Sir Florin. He is a blackguard of little note and likes gambling. They had met at a House Vesque “social engagement”. I suspect this was an illicit meeting or one that dealt with necromancy and house secrets, because when I asked what kind of engagement he appeared to become hostile. There was a deeper truth there, and I am surprised that Lady Evelyn did not try to have it out of him. Instead, she added that she knew that he frequented the gambling halls in House Bailey.

We agreed to meet in two days to compare information.

I am returning to the Inquisition, though whether I will start my search there, at the gambling halls of Bailey, or the drinking establishments of Vesque I am not sure. This whole affair seems to be a gift, Praise Malar. Even with the learning curve of being a new director, I am a month ahead of my official duties and am generating more than half of my leads myself. I need more hunts.

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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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