Rutilius, Baronet of Goffe


Rutilius is an experimenter in Goffe, licensed to study demons on behalf of the City. He is known to associate with Baronet Armand Kirksten, and has had a rocky friendship with Baronete Amarilis Prendergast.

Recently, he and Amarilis sought advice on a dispute from Baronet Cormac Bailey, on Armand’s advice; the dispute was arbitrated by Lady Tegwen, Cormac’s granddaughter, instead.

Shortly after, Rutilius had lunch with Director Hugo and Valas where they did not kill him. He explained he was behind on payments and waiting for the next gladiator match, which he’d bet all of his possessions on. He offered his research and wealth to Valas for an extension. He was doing work on demonic wardings.

Rutilius, Baronet of Goffe

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