Hywel Bailey


Looks like a venerable man in his early sixties – he’s actually much younger than that, and only his posture belies his true age. He is the walking stereotype of a wizard – long drapey robe, always carries a smooth ebony staff that looks plain to the naked eye, and seems perpetually in need of a shave. He has high expectations of his interlocutors, and tends to not give answers easily – he prefers to encourage people to come to answers on their own.

Pretty much any negative rumor about a mage that exists (part demon, part dragon, a spontaneous caster, etc) has been applied to him, with the notable exception of “Cyricist” – of the two times someone went too far and called him that, one was beheaded personally by Sebastien, and the other simply disappeared.

He is not often seen in public (i.e., outside of House Bailey proper).

Hywel Bailey

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