Florin, Knight of Vesque


Assignment of the group’s first meeting. He is accused of being in the possession of demonic materials and an unforgivable debt of 5,000 gold.


  • Ambassador Savith identified him as a Vesque blackguard he had seen at social engagements and that he enjoyed gaming.
  • Lady Evelyn says that he has been known to frequent the gambling halls of House Bailey. A gambling tournament there may have been how he accrued his debt.
  • Hugo & Maxine confirmed intel that Florin owns a hellhound.
  • Savith stated that there’s a rumor circulating that the dragon of the city owes him a favor. In addition, the vassals and peasants seem to like him.
  • Tegwen was able to map out a route that takes Florin on a large patrol around House Vesque, starting at the barracks, and bordering several waypoints near House Prendergast and House Traugott. Upon receiving this information, Maxine shared with the party her theory that Florin stole the artifacts he is in possession of, from some powerful people who most definitely want them back. Florin reportedly has an interest in relics and history, so this may fit in.
  • There are rumors that Florin isn’t well-liked by his fellow blackguards. Florin’s rise to knighthood may be regarded as “too much, too fast” by his peers.
  • Florin became a knight when House Vesque was recently given a Dukedom.
  • Florin is reportedly very good at axe-fighting, speaks numerous languages, and can control undead.
  • There is a demon that Florin may have info on: the Pale Mother, also called the Mother of Ghosts: first among demons, gatehrer of lore, whisperer of secrets. Any mortal who sees her face goes mad or dies.

Potential Alliances:

The party decided to hold an auction in order to distract Florin while the demonic item was stolen from his house. The raid was successful but in a surprise move, Savith bid on and won Florin’s offer of the demonic item; which he had intended to sell to a specific buyer at the party.


Florin, Knight of Vesque

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