Andreas, Duke of Kirksten

Duke of House Kirksten


Andreas was young when he married the soon-to-be Duchess of Kirksten – just barely thirteen years old. He is relatively level-headed and laid-back, though he has his own share of quirks. He is very stylish and frequently wears gloves, and does not permit physical contact from anyone except his wife. He is slow to anger, but unyielding once he’s there.

He makes time for vassals, and tries to find ways to reach out to his commoners, but he’s only one man and cannot do it all himself. Known to be a warlock who uses names as power. He is generally seen with a small retinue of baronets of his House.

Married to Duchess Kaja Kirksten.
Marchioness Rika Kirksten

In the year 310, he is 30 years old.

Andreas, Duke of Kirksten

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