The Dark Sun: Falling Star

What have I gotten myself into?

(this is Savith’s cold, clinical analysis of events – not my own, enjoy!)

What have I gotten myself into? This latest adventure with this deviant group of nobles from the City hasn’t brought me this close to death since the day I killed Faulkas himself. Everything was going according to plan until we obtained Rhyarr from his captors. We took him back to the meadow and that night was fairly uneventful. Maxine did successfully acquire bat guano for me without even asking for anything in exchange; instead, she merely suggested I compensate the Naiad for accessing her cave system – a trifling debt I took care of when we left. I wonder how far I can push Maxine’s generous nature…

However, in the morning, my initial hopes that Rhyarr’s wealth of knowledge would aid me in cracking my associates narrow-minded views of the world quickly became all too real. Rather than inspiring controlled self-reflection he seems to have stolen their senses completely! Like children happening upon a bag of sweets, they indulged in every frivolous pleasure under the sky, all in spite of the fact that the Malarites we had defeated were undoubtedly hunting us. For worshipers of Bane and his pantheon, they acted like they’ve never lived a hard day in their life. I awoke to discover Maxine and Evelyn gallivanting into the trees like some Thayan teenagers who’d escaped their chaperone’s notice while Tegwen and Hugo had started a fire, despite which, he had the gall to call down lightning from the sky to cook his bacon! Why the elf-kin would bother to protect such a group of witless morons is beyond me. After having enough sense to put out the fire myself I stared in disbelief of my associates lack of any self-control. In hindsight, perhaps dedicating the meadow to a god of peace was a mistake – I will take more care in the future.

Eventually, the nobles’ morning banter turned into serious discussion of how to deal with Rhyarr. Tensions rose when Rhyarr performed some sort of spell on Hugo. The Malarite appeared visibly shaken. I remain curious as to what effect Rhyarr had on the young director. After some debate, it was eventually decided that Rhyarr would bear the mantle of Loviatar in order for him to withstand the interrogation upon re entering the City as Hugo prisoner where would remain Hugo’s charge for an indeterminate amount of time. Rhyarr, in an unexpected move also bestowed upon us a gift: he allowed each of us three questions written on parchment that, in time, when we returned to the meadow, we could read his answers – a clever ploy to grant us information without endangering us during any investigation on our activities upon returning to the City. Should Alistair be more forthcoming with the ways in which individuals may leave and return to the City undetected, I might be in the best position to retrieve the documents. I wonder if I would learn anything of interest by reading my associates parchments?

Despite, or perhaps because of, Rhyarr’s clever machinations chaos returned to our party. Upon taking upon himself the mantle of Loviatar he immediately sought to be tortured for the glory of the mistress. Being the captive of the director, Hugo was his obvious target; however, the fool Malarite could not distinguish Rhyarr’s exercise in faith from an obstinate insult to the man’s rank. Unable to see into the deeper meaning behind Rhyarr’s action, Hugo’s rage nearly killed himself and his captive. Only by a timely intervention by Tegwen and myself did the two not kill one another. Tegwen noticed my hesitation in sparing Hugo’s life though she said nothing of it – would she object to the sudden demise of the director? Little do they know that his fate has rested in my hands twice now. I wonder how he will fair in a third encounter?

The return to the City was fortunately uneventful. This venture outside the City, which I had hoped would bond this group of deviants together did not quite go as I had expected. Maxine has continued to show a sense of compassion for the rest of the group, interesting that they do not see it for the heresy that it is or at the very least do not react to it. Tegwen and Evelyn continue to play their cards close to the chest, though Evelyn appeared quite interested in the Naiad and elf-kin. Hugo remains obstinate, preferring to stick to his misshapen ideals rather than see the world around him for what it really is. This venture has by no means been an easy trial for me to overcome but if I am ever to break free of my bonds I must continue to work with these people. They are valuable allies and if used well will make my actions all the more impactful. For now I think it best if I distance myself for a few tendays. Allow the chaos of this venture to settle and in time I intend to return to the meadow for Rhyarr’s answers. Despite it all, I look forward to reuniting with the party when things have cooled down. The sound of the honest joyful laughter was refreshing. It reminds me of him…


Excellent job. It was great to hear it from Saviths perspective. I’d like to add two other events that are significant.

There was a bear hunt that did not go as planned, with the group failing the stealth role and the bears being frightened by Savith’s spell.

We were approached at night by an eel-spider with an umber hulk companion. They departed peacefully after trading with Tegwen.

What have I gotten myself into?

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