The Dark Sun: Falling Star

Werewolves versus Dragonborn

Last session, I took stellar notes.

That is, I have a bunch of points, they don’t connect, and I really can’t create a cohesive picture out of them. What follows is a little stream of consciousness and was definitely written after 11 on a long day, two months after our last session.

We reached the party of dragonborn before the werewolves. Maxine used hide without trace to disguise us, and Hugo made it rain to make us clean. Hugo approached the dragonborn and parleyed. He was being shiny, though he would think that he was hunting the truth in the most direct way.

The dragonborn were led by Nadia, along with 2 fighters and 2 magic users. Nadia was formal and introduced herself as Nadia, First-born of the Fireblooded, Ordained of the Field Tyrant. Luckily, Hugo also had a long and impressive title. Nadia had Prendergast tattoos, but did not appear as a vassal. She was very respectful of Hugo. At that point, the werewolves moved forward. Hugo warned them away, but they mocked him and attacked. There were three of them, led by a werewolf druid with incredible regenerative power. Nadia was a protection-style fighter and shielded Hugo. During the fight, Nadia asked who they should focus on and Hugo replied the leader.

About six rounds and five hours later, the werewolves fled, with Savith’s spell that denied healing playing a critical role in this.

The egg had lifeforce in it. Nadia was taking it to Prendergast. The elves funded it and apparently she was taking it from some elves to some others? I also wrote down “half-breeds” but I don’t know what I was trying to say. Nadia called herself the last relic of the old king Sebastian. She was aware that she could be betrayed, but was stoic about it. She was happy to turn the prisoner over to the inquisition.

All in all, Hugo quite liked her—respectful, competent, and aware of what she had to do without blinders.

Oh yes, and JT talked to the prisoner using message. It’s a great trick. I miss Miriam’s dinner conversations where no one actually said anything aloud, but just whispered into their hand. I did not take notes on that conversation and don’t remember it, because Savith was being secretive and I was focusing on being shiny.

The prisoner followed the party without being forced to and was quite talkative and judgemental. He had some religious tattoos on him, which were pretty important except I didn’t write them down. His tail is thinner and his eyes were silver. I drew a little house with “Ilmater” written inside. I have no idea what this means. I also put “try harder” in quotes, so it should actually be written as “”try harder”” here, but I don’t think that’s particularly relevant. He might be called Minister Riar. I believe he called me a false cleric and almost everyone else faithless.

Later on, as we were wagging our mamas (That sounds weird. I don’t know if I want to hang out with you anymore if we’re going to be doing that). We decided that Hugo talked to each one of you individually, far away from the prisoner to tell you the conversation so that everyone is up to date on the way back to the Peace Pond.

I wrote down that we have 1 group dice, and that I want to find out about Riar and the Mighty Stick of Un-Doom I stole from the werewolf leader. This was very critical to you, I know.

If you have more details because you took good notes, please add them.



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