The Dark Sun: Falling Star

The First Meeting

Year 310 of the Tyrant Lord, Month 3, Day 2

From the viewpoint of Director Hugo, Baron of Kirksten.

I was invited by Lady Evelyn, Baroness of Traugott to a dinner at The River Styx in House Traugott. I could not refuse such an honor. The only inconvenience was the hour’s notice, when I had eaten a light dinner an hour ago at my desk.

Two other guests were there when I arrived. They were Lady Tegwen, Baroness of Bailey, who appeared to be extremely grounded for a Bailey, and Ambassador Savith, who appears to have much confidence in his station and protectors.

Arriving on Traugott time were Dame Maxine, Knight of Bailey, and the Lady Evelyn. They entered together, although the Dame had been standing outside the door for some time. She appeared skittish for much of the night and appeared to mistake my pleasantries for something else. Others responded to my Inquisitor’s uniform throughout the night, as is proper.

The steak was cooked impeccably, although not to everyone’s taste. The Dame hardly touched hers. During the second course, another round of wine was served— and so were we. The servants were dismissed and we were told that we all had something in common. Lady Evelyn made some remarks about my Lady Freida’s trial and my armor having some holes in it. I don’t think that any of the others understood the comment. She spoke with Lady Tegwen about visions, but I could not get any meaning. She spoke to the Ambassador about how the unknown can be dangerous. The gist of it was an unknown magic, which I assume must be unusual. For Dame Maxine, the Lady just raised an eyebrow, and a raven appeared on the Dame’s shoulder, though that was her skittishness speaking. For all the implied familiarity, the Dame did not appear to be comfortable in the presence of Lady Evelyn.

Our hostess opened a letter, then showed us. It read that Sir Florin of Vesque was a possessor of demonic materials and with an unforgiveable debt of 5,000 gold. Obviously, it would have been difficult for a knight to have acquired such a debt, but it appeared to be the more relevant of the two charges. There was a symbol at the bottom of the page that I did not recognize. Our benefactor wanted us to deal with him outside of official channels.

At that point, something went wrong, as it often does around a Bailey. Darkness covered three of the murderholes built into the walls and someone tripped. I sent Malar’s Welcoming Claw through one of them, taking out a piece of the masonry. The darkness was not a shadow, as I had originally thought, but instead magical darkness, and I believe that I missed.

To my surprise, Lady Evelyn did not appear panicked, so I did not follow up with my lesson to the spy, but instead followed the Lady. I did not see the spy, a female who spoke drow, but my assumption was that they were working together, although neither the Baroness or the spy thought it proper that they join us openly at the table.

The instincts of my companions were interesting. The Ambassador went into a defensive position in the corner, guarding against the intruder and all of us. The druid turned into a spider and hid under the table. Lady Tegwen sat serene through it all. Not one of them made any apparent effort to apprehend the intruder. I say “apparent” because you can never tell around a Bailey.

The Ambassador shared information about Sir Florin. He is a blackguard of little note and likes gambling. They had met at a House Vesque “social engagement”. I suspect this was an illicit meeting or one that dealt with necromancy and house secrets, because when I asked what kind of engagement he appeared to become hostile. There was a deeper truth there, and I am surprised that Lady Evelyn did not try to have it out of him. Instead, she added that she knew that he frequented the gambling halls in House Bailey.

We agreed to meet in two days to compare information.

I am returning to the Inquisition, though whether I will start my search there, at the gambling halls of Bailey, or the drinking establishments of Vesque I am not sure. This whole affair seems to be a gift, Praise Malar. Even with the learning curve of being a new director, I am a month ahead of my official duties and am generating more than half of my leads myself. I need more hunts.


Awesome. Thank you Corey… This wa s a great recap!

The First Meeting

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