The Dark Sun: Falling Star

The Bakery Crawl: Both Deadly and Fattening

Malar Is Good.

“If it’s not complicated, it’s not worth doing.”
- Old Traugott Saying

A mere 24 hours after the last meeting, our intrepid heroes once more met within the confines of the newly-constructed (but not yet finished) The Tenth Level Earthquake with Falling Plum/Cherry Petals for Howling Druids.

They looked at the artifact that they had recovered and said a collective “eh, what do we do with that?” There were six different languages on the horn, and all of them said, “Don’t use. Don’t destroy. Keep hidden,” except for the one in demonic that said “USE ME”.

When confronted with the impossible, there was no other thing to do but ignore it.

Well, the party thought about this (investigating a user of the mystical Blue Flame) and the party thought about that (how expensive IS a dragon omelette?). The tricky druid and the hungry mage had investigated in one of the most dangerous sections of town where the mysterious stranger lived with her mysterious man. There were all sorts of crazy and wacky impediments, like magical shielding that made spells go POOF, an air spirit on the lawn, two visible mercenary guards, a magical ward throughout the house, and two murderhoods who were invisible, even to anti-invisibility measures (and nobody knows whose side they’re on!).

The tricky druid became a itsy-bitsy spider and investigated the four story house. She did not fall down the waterspout. The first three floor rooms that she investigated had nothing notable visible. Atop the house was a bedroom in which the mysterious woman and mysterious man were talking. He wanted to go out for a night on the town at the Goffes. They were holding a party. She was like, “Nuh-uh, but whatever.” The spider left a glyph for them in the universal language of arachnid and left. The mysterious woman didn’t even look up from her book.

Maxine told the group to let her mysterious woman go. Not to silverymoon (which is a terrible place) but somewhere nicer. She was ignored except for a flurry of eyebrows.
The Evil-Bad Guy Necromancer found out some small things about Randolph the Blackguard. He done got himself whipped (at the temple to the Goddess who digs her dog).

The Awesomest Character of them All found out slightly less, but managed not to have a duel called on him by spilling beer on someone important. Malar Is Smooth.

The party hemmed and hawed, until finally, they realized they weren’t in a seamstress guild or the rodeo and decided to go for the omelette.

Meanwhile, in an earlier scene, the benevolent and wise ‘Quis (as he likes to be known) had done all the hard work of talking with the help, gave her instructions on how to pour whisky into a glass, and rearranged the bar. Malar Knows Drinks. The Druid tagged along and finished the job. Good wolfy.

Hunky Hugo meanwhile went back to the Magical Building of Truthiness and prepared the things to go on a hunt. Malar Is Prepared. He found out a bunch of stuff on Randolph too. Malar Is Wise.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Hunt Begins! Tune in next time to see the adventure “Everybody Dies Except Cyric (Or Maybe He’s Just Lying About Not Dying)”.



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