The Dark Sun: Falling Star

She wouldn't be a Traugott if she didn't threaten to kill us...

In an unusual and highly efficient maneuver, our intrepid heroes came together to share the intel they had gained on Sir Florin, revealing a large number of interesting details: Florin is reported to have a favor owed him by a dragon, owns a hellhound, and seems to have the good will of several houses and factions, and the ill will of several more.

Florin was revealed to be a creature of habit, performing a nightly patrol which took him in a wide route around House Vesque. Still in need of several critical details such as where Florin lived, the team split up: Evelyn and Maxine’s raven performed a night-time stake-out, running into Florin and his hellhound in the street. The following day, Hugo and Maxine, now in the form of a dire wolf, tracked the hellhound to its residence, where a few more interesting details were revealed: Florin’s recent rise in wealth and status was apparently enough for him to afford a fortress-style dwelling with an imposing wooden front door hung with a silver door knocker in the shape of the Beast of Malar.

Our heroes met again to review intel and formulate a plan. However, no sooner had they laid these cards on the table did mutual mistrust and petty grievances set in. Chief among these issues was the question of why this would-be team should even bother working together. It took several heart-to hearts among the party and a visit from a grumpy but honest imp (their new employer’s familiar) to get hackles lowered and the team ready to progress once more.



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