The Dark Sun: Falling Star

A Series of One Act Plays

Episode 1: Savith Meets the Shadow Baron

Savith met with the Shadow Baron, Fabian of Vesque, who told him that his patron was a secondary choice in the City, since she tended to cheat. He may or may not have offered Savith a different choice of patrons. It was hear or see the truth with the seven shadows whispering away in the background, before coming together to form his cloak as he left.

Episode 2: Maxine Enjoys the Garden

Maxine was peacefully enjoying the gardens of Bailey, only slightly bothered by the slight imbalance, when she was suddenly ambushed by Kirksten! Specifically a Baronet! Even more specifically Baronet Armand, who used his keenly-edged vivacity to try to get at what she thought of Tegwen’s justice, which he hinted was quite atypical. Maxine said the whole thing was a plant, for 30 minutes, until she had defeated the evil Baronet. Well, almost, anyway. Technically, she had to run away from the encounter as a spider when he made her agree to arbitrate some peasant problems.

Episode 3: In Which a Bear’s Paw is Almost Eaten

Tegwen was also ambushed by Baronet Armand. He had destroyed the three carefully written edicts of Tegwen’s case, claiming it was a favor. He emphasized that Bailey offered a different kind of justice that he liked because it kept his friends alive. He had trouble leaving the room, as he had not finished his bear paw.

Episode 3.5: Tegwen and Maxine meet the Rune and Cormack

Rune and Cormack are Tegwen’s grandparents. The woman had hurried there and was still in armor. She had cleared out an exceptional number of mines. She offered to have Maxine meet the woman who kept the garden full of poisonous plants, and offered her the freedom to come back anytime to the grounds—but not the house, without permission. They offered pastries to go, and Maxine took raspberry, and Tegwen took apricot? Or perhaps it was chocolate.

Episode 4: Mommy Dearest

Evelyn visited her mom, who is an illusionist human. She found out some things about elves and dragon eggs, suggesting the elves use the dragon eggs to suppress wild magic. They also talked of Daddy Dearest, eyes with stars, and eyes without. They talked of the Crimson Petal, and how it was really starting to take off. Tegwen took some stuff from evidence.

Episode 5: Eel Spiders or Spider Eels? What’s an eel? Is it like a shark?

Tegwen, Maxine, and Evelyn went off on an adventure in BaileyWorld. Tegwen was going to check up on her lands. Maxine was her attendant. Oh yeah, and some Traugot had either butted in, or decided that Tegwen would go check up on her lands because she was going to go and damned if she would go alone. They made it through the City Gate, although they only succeeded in downing one guard, who foolishly asked questions of a Traugot. The Traugot used her best weapon (another guard) to do the deed.

Then she moved on to bigger things—cows. Technically bigger than guards, many cows were scared by Evelyn before being comforted by Maxine. They found lots of cheese, and saw a countess’ estate that used many gond inventions. Then they met the spiders-eels using the device Tegwen had. The spiders came burrowing through the earth at a great rate, led by umber hulks. They traded Tegwen’s tomes for schematics. They traded Evelyn’s illicit and licit goods for a thing that could detect magic. As I’m writing this, this seems rather lame for a magic item. So maybe my memory stinks. You write this next time.

The eel-spiders/spider-eels babbled about sun death (again) and wanted to charge Maxine for looking at them, although Evelyn did not charge them for looking at her, and she was an evolved human. One eel-spider traded and another looked grimly on. It was totally Miriam and Talvin, but maybe that was just in my head. They weren’t interested in cheese.

Episode 6: Savith Fights Some Gladiators

Approaching the weak, he suggested he can help them. He takes two through the back of the Crimson Petal, takes them to the secret room, ties one up, and necrotizes the other. Gladiator One Hulks Out and stabs him with a chair leg. Savith kills him. The souls don’t move on right away, and Graz’zt comes out to seduce Savith. For two souls, Savith is given the power to see in the dark. Graz’zt returns to the box, imprisoned within a house of lust. Savith carts the bodies away and dumps them on a nearby corner. The guards fail their duty. He repairs the chair, cleans up the blood stains, and does his best to cover the scent, although it’s unclear if that last part worked.

Episode 6.5: Tofi of Goffe

Savith (undisguised) goes with Florin (full armor, different weapon) and they murder Tofi of Goffe, who has been literally crying in his room for three days according to an inquisition report. He is seen by two agents that the Inquisition had watching Tofi. This supposedly brings to a close the debt that Savith owes his patron for his power.

Episode 7: A Howling Good Time

Hugo and Matias talk. Matias seems to suggest that Hugo start looking within the Inquisition for his next targets. Some within the Inquisition are trying to figure out how to use the prisoner against Hugo. Matias also tells Hugo to summon Nadya and take command, if she will join the Inquisition. They talk of the Hunt, and Hugo tells Matias that he is waiting for recompense to release the staff. Then they go out to a restaurant where they have a howling good time.

Episode 7.5: Beautiful, Crazy Girl

Hugo returns to his house the next day to find it temporarily in control of Rika, who has not lost Hugo’s number nor forgotten how to press his buttons. Nevertheless, with the help of a servant, a well-timed spell, and LOTS of repressed feelings (and possibly some missing memories), and at the cost of the posts on his bed, he manages to distract her with conversation on the Eel-spiders while eating orange chicken. There was a lull in conversation after dinner when they had gathered in the kitchen, where Rika had cast off Hugo’s dead wife’s clothes and stood there naked for 30 minutes while a servant got her new clothes. Liking his sanity and his power and lack of entanglements, Hugo tried his best to make conversation, though its unclear just how awkward it was—merely extremely awkward or totally, unbelievably awkward.

Episode 8: Next Time

Will Ned live happily ever after with Chuck? Will Emerson reconcile with his daughter? Will Olive ever get over Ned? How can she when she serves pie in his restaurant? Would we want her too? She has a great voice. Are Lily and Vivian the best or just the craziest aunts ever? What purpose does Chuck’s father serve in the plot? It seems like he doesn’t add anything. Did the writers think it through? Also, best cover of Birdhouse in Your Soul, ever.

Oh wait, that wasn’t last session. Did I miss anything? When there’s no combat, a lot sure goes on.



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