The Dark Sun: Falling Star

A Rough Day for a Knight

Another day in the life...

Life is already a huge pain in the arse.

I work a night shift; thankfully, I convinced another to take the first half of my shift. I heard rumour of an auction I could ditch the damned paperwork through as well as, perhaps, gain a few useful items.

First meal was, dreadful. This is no surprise. The servants are more and more distracted as of late, but I do not have the time to discipline them properly. Too many things to do. All politeness, I dismiss them with an order to ensure the home is secure and safe. Still curious about the recent awakening, but she isn’t a prisoner… if she wants to wander, she will. Her duress though is, new. Perhaps I can force someone to take a shift and I’ll look into it myself.

Of course, I have to ensure the hell hound is fed. While loyal, it is a task I cannot trust the two with. Now, with a few free hours, I SHOULD, perhaps, get up to the investigation but I have no real leads. I also need something for status, so to the auction.

I come across a minor crime; it is handled swiftly enough, paperwork and all. Still, a delay that causes me to be late to the auction, but I was not going to ignore it. Nice and clean too. He was offered the standard fee for his corpse, to support his family, in the very likely outcome that he doesn’t make it through the system alive.

The auction held such opportunity. Too many people that knew me, too many items to buy, and a limited amount of patience and currency. While I am sure the treatise will fetch a reasonable price, I need to ensure I have enough to secure some future investments… as well as some past ones.

The stones were, fascinating. Versatile and damned amusing. I kept envisioning how they would be useful during patrol… I pray to Malar that someone flees the scene soon. Ohhh, the sound will be amazing.

Of course SHE arrived too. She must have heard I took half a night and decided to demonstrate her tyranny over me. I despise her; we all do though. She is powerful though, strong, and can dress the part when she wishes to. None of the crew is going to believe she can dress the lady.

She ruined the entire evening though. She took the rods, she humiliated me in the midst of the auction, and threatened to dock my pay. Someday her time will run out and she’ll be torn to shreds.

It took forever for the treatise to be sold, and not to who I thought would buy it. Doesn’t bother me any. I don’t care where it goes… sorta. Not sure how to handle that really, but not much I can do about it now. I am sure it will play out fine. If need be, I’ll go primal perhaps? I can give all this up, right? The Grand Inquisitor is a good man, but… yeah, maybe running with the pack is the best bet. Least I’ll die on my terms.

More chatter, small talk, pointless circular babble then pick up my shift. The odd Bailey Baroness was near my home. I really hate the Bailey’s; that isn’t right, I don’t hate them much more than anyone else I guess, but they are odd and creepy. She was just staring off and, I hear, talking her her familiar or bird or something.

Aaaaaaand, I’m ruined! The scroll is gone! My home was broken in while my servants slept and used my home as a damned whorehouse!! I’ll have to talk to the damned ambassador of Thay, explain myself, and … NOTHING goes right for long. WHY!? Who do I make pay for this?

Least its gone. Maybe the library has something….


Those dratted servants. Can’t trust them to do anything. Bang up job, everyone!

A Rough Day for a Knight

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