Welcome to The Dark Sun: Falling Star

The sequel of our rather exciting (if I do say so myself) previous campaign! Taking place sixty years in the future, some changes have occurred in The City. While most are small, all have had an effect on the loyal and fear-filled servants to The Black Lord.

The Princess of Traugott, the youngest of twin (supposed) avatars was slain as a heretic in an uprising by those wielding Bane’s Black weapons. Malarites have shown their more civil side and now run the Inquisition, whose head is an elected official. Where there were once noble committees dedicated to throwing parties, now structured (twice yearly) soirees exist.

Ten years ago, prophecy spoke of the stars. A large light was seen falling from the sky; Dragonborn now run across the country-side, massive sentient “snake-spiders” have been seen in southern areas outside the city, and rumours speak to small glimmers of sparkling light visible just before you fall asleep…

For you, little of this matters. You have bigger problems. You are, recently, one of the afflicted; a group of people whose “madness of conscience” could see you tried and “healed” of such impurities. Not only is your good alignment heretical, it is also illegal. Few would save you and even fewer would mentor you.

Good luck!

The Dark Sun: Falling Star

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